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In the year 1959 to 1960 I spent some months in Switzerland in a college called Albert Schweitzer College.

It was situated in the eastern part of Switzerland in Graubünden in a little village called Churwalden near Chur.

In this college I and students from the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Holland and Sweden studied ethics, philosophy and other subjects. In the evenings we went out eating ‘college special’ which was a kind of sandwich with bündnerfleisch (ham) and eggs. Sometimes we went for trips to Lenzerheide and Parpan and for walks in the mountains. One thing that I remember very well is when we walked up on a mountain and came over the clouds. There were also opportunities for skiing.

In this college I met a girl from Brazil. We made trips to Italy (Lugano) and other places pretending that we were married. We left the college after 6 months and after some time in Sweden I traveled to her home in Brazil to marry her and after that she came to me in Stockholm. After a rather short time we found that we were very different and also because I was about to study and was still dependent on my parents it was best for us both to divorce.

I have searched for the words ‘Albert Schweitzer College’ and if you search for the exact phrase you will find a lot of documents referring to Lee Harvey Oswald a person who was associated with the assasination of president Kennedy. Oswald made an application to Albert Schweitzer College in March 1959 to attend a study course in the spring 1960. He did not go there though but instead went to Finland and the to the Soviet Union.

On the web you will also find some people who were at the college. If anybody tries to search for this College in the Internet and hits my website I would be happy if he or she would write a mail to me.

I have recently talked to a daughter to the director there Hans Casparis and I have also got a letter from a friend of the Casparis family. They have told me that the college was managed of Mr Casparis only for a short time after that I left and that they had a successor that was a reverend with a chronic desease. He in his turn was followed by another person who was less successful and the college had to close.This happened around the year 1968. Churwalden is now a ski resort. The building where the college was situated was hired by a meat-dryery which had earlier been a well-known hotel. Later on the meat-dryery became a shopping center and that shopping center reopened the hotel which has the name Hotel Krone.